Our illustrious team bids you welcome

RobLookingGoodWebRob Lockhart is the Creative Director of Important Little Games. He is the designer and programmer of Codemancer. He thinks he is funny.



PuiPui Che is the Lead Illustrator on Codemancer. He says: “Hiya, My name is Pui. I am an enthusiastic, passionate artist and a champion believer that, so long as you put your heart into the work you produce, the result will speak for itself. My Strongest Asset is my self; Adaptable, Versatile and Team player.” and modest too…



PuiPatrick Beavers is the Lead Animator on Codemancer. He says: “Patrick Beavers is an animator, an artist, and a human being. Looking for that special someone.” Watch out ladies!



David_ProfileDavid Novak is the composer for Codemancer. He is a maker of Songs and Sounds.



309008_710195332550_128563900_nRyan Olsen can’t program worlds… or draw beautiful pictures… or create pretty music… so he naturally did the only thing most people do with a scary lack of certifiable skills do – went into marketing, PR and social media.

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