Four Experiments

The Codemancer Team is currently engaged in a series of experiments with the basic mechanics of Codemancer.  Some are in progress, some are only planned, but I want to share… Read More »

5 Ways To Stay Up-To-Date

If you’re here, chances are you’re interested in the progress we’re making with Codemancer Development.  I’ve set up a number of ways to keep track of our process, and this… Read More »

Update 3: Cutscenes

Hello, wonderful people. Happy holidays! I’m writing to tell you about a couple of new things going on. 1) I’ve got the cutscene system working, and I made a video… Read More »

Update 1: The Basics

As part of Codemancer’s development, I’ve been seeking the opinions of experienced learning game researchers and developers. Just a few days ago I went to Madison, WI, which is one… Read More »

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