Update 1: The Basics

As part of Codemancer’s development, I’ve been seeking the opinions of experienced learning game researchers and developers. Just a few days ago I went to Madison, WI, which is one of the few Meccas for those of us interested in games for learning. I visited the Games+Learning+Society department at UW Madison. I also spent some times with the folks at Ronin Studios. Everyone was very positive about the prospects of the game, and gave me a lot of inspiration for ways to improve the design.

I’ve also been trying to be better connected to my peers who are developing learning games themselves. If you’re working on an educational game, or have made one in the past, please get in touch.

New Blog Posts

Systems of Magic, Part 1
Here I describe a diverse set of magical systems, in the hope of providing inspiration to those of us designing games in the fantasy genre.

Games That Teach Programming
There are a lot of approaches to learning programming. Some of these are purely digital – Creative Environments and Games. There are lots of creative environments, but not a lot of games. I’ll go over a few here.

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