Update 3: Cutscenes

Hello, wonderful people. Happy holidays!

I’m writing to tell you about a couple of new things going on.
1) I’ve got the cutscene system working, and I made a video update about it, which you can check out below.
2) Codemancer’s in the running for the ‘Indie Dev Grant’ competition. To vote for Codemancer, get the pay-what-you-want Bundle-In-A-Box, then vote for ‘Codemancer’ on the downloads page (a link will be sent to your email).
3) I made a new website for Codemancer here, which, I know, needs a lot of work. Let me know what you think I should add.
4) I’m beginning to plan a Kickstarter for the project, and I need your help: What kind of backer rewards should I offer? Reply to this email with your ideas.

Thanks for following along with me, and for being a part of what I hope will be an amazing learning game.

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Who is the Codemancer Demographic
Here I talk a bit about demographics outside the narrow sense of gender and age which is so pervasive.

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