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Join us in making
 programming more approachable and more fun for kids everywhere.


Codemancer is an educational game designed for 6 to 12-year-olds (but fun for grownups, too) that teaches the magic behind programming. Players will code their way through a fantasy world full of rival sorcerers and their minions. Coming Soon for PC, Mac, iPad and Android Tablets.

The goal of the game is to be as broad and inclusive as possible. A gender-neutral fantasy setting, a female protagonist, a narrative backbone, and a programming language designed for accessibility; these are all ways to knock down barriers that prevent some kids from engaging with programming. When everybody is making technology, the technology they make will be for everybody.

‘Codemancer’ features a moving story about a girl trying to grow up and do good despite incredible obstacles. Aurora’s Father’s life is in her hands, and that’s a lot of pressure for a child just learning to be independent.

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Meet the Team

Portrait of Bobby Lockhart Bobby Lockhart

is the Creative Director of Important Little Games. He is the lead designer and programmer of Codemancer. He thinks he is funny.

Portrait of Rachel Ponce Rachel Ponce

"I am a recovering academic turned full-time web developer/part-time game developer, and I'm always looking for ways to combined my love of technology with my love of learning. Codemancer may be a world apart from my previous game development project, a work of historical interactive fiction called The Fever!, but I've been a True Believer in Rob's project from the start, and I'm thrilled to be able to lend a hand in helping to bring Codemancer to a PC near you..."

Portrait of Patrick Beavers Patrick Beavers

is the Lead Animator on Codemancer. He says: “Patrick Beavers is an animator, an artist, and a human being. Looking for that special someone.” Watch out ladies!

Portrait of Pui Che Pui Che

is the Lead Illustrator on Codemancer. He says: “Hiya, My name is Pui. I am an enthusiastic, passionate artist and a champion believer that, so long as you put your heart into the work you produce, the result will speak for itself. My Strongest Asset is my self; Adaptable, Versatile and Team player.” and modest too…

Portrait of David Novak David Novak

is the composer for Codemancer. He is a maker of Songs and Sounds.

Portrait of Ali Cedroni Ali Cedroni

"By the light of the full moon, Ali Cedroni conjures up some wicked audio witchcraft for Codemancer. In other words she does sound design."

Portrait of Ryan Olsen Ryan Olsen

can’t program worlds… or draw beautiful pictures… or create pretty music… so he naturally did the only thing most people do with a scary lack of certifiable skills do – went into marketing, PR and social media.

Portrait of Katie Austin Katie Austin

is passionate about the intersection of education and how the innate mechanisms within the living can be naturally encouraged to further teaching and learning through technology and games. She earned both a B.S.and an M.A. from New York University. Katie has much excite about joining Team Codemancer.

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